Thursday, 17 July 2008

I had a dream...

I had a dream that we would be able to clear Kara. I had a dream that come WotLK we would be able to enjoy the 10-man raids.

After weeks and weeks of struggling getting a second raid night going, I am now consigned to admit defeat. Our guild will never clear Kara before the expansion, which makes me very sad. We are a small, social guild and no one ever expected us to be able to do 25-mans - all I wished for was to be able to clear Kara. Not a big thing you might think, but you need more than 3 hours to do it (at least at our gear/experience level).

We always field a team on Tuesdays and sometimes we might even be oversubscribed by a whole person - one record week we even had 2 reserves. We have a few people that always sign up for our attempted 2nd raid night (we have tried pretty much every night of the week now), but we have never been close to filling it. With that in mind I can't see that we can recruit - the only person whom I can imagine being tempted by this state of affairs is exactly the person we wouldn't want. The person who will run with us on the parts of Kara we have on farm and get most of any suitable gear that drops as few of us have anything we want from in there by now - and then promptly leave for a guild that raids.

Have I thought about changing guilds? Of course I have - a million times and more. My problem is that most guilds that raid seem do so more than I would be able to. I would love to raid twice a week - and I might be able to do 3 times some weeks - but the minimum seems to be 4 times per week and that is not an option for me.

There is also the fact that the social side is important to me when I play. When I am not in a raid (or farming mats/gold) I like pottling about on one of my alts. If guild chat is mostly dead or people are not fun to be online with - then that would not work for me.

As you can probably tell I am feeling quite down about the whole thing. Just the thought of leaving my guild feels wrong, but after having tried for so long with no traction for raiding a bit more or getting the social side more active, I just don't know what to do.


rummy said...

I hope you've managed to come up with a solution to your Kara probs.

Your guild as a whole is a bit like me, I can't manage two nights in a week. My guild doesn't have a fixed raid schedule so it's hit and miss but sometimes I can join in on a full clear.

This works when the first night is soon after the reset (e.g. Thursday) and the second night is after the weekend (e.g. Tuesday).

So when it works I still only raid only 1 night a week, but could still manage a full clear (still trying at that) every fortnight.

Maybe you could get your guild to do something like that?

Tufva said...

Hi Rummy

Thanks for the suggestion. Actually we're currently running 3 raid nights each week - early Kara, late Kara and ZA. I'm not entirely sure how that happened!! We've cleared all of Kara except for Nightbane and we've downed 2 bosses in ZA and are did a good job on our first attempts at the dragonhawk boss this week.

To say that I am amazed might be an understatement... :-)

The next step is to figure out how to get our paws on a couple more healers and tanks as we are getting a bit burnt-out by having attended pretty much every raid for the last 10 months and if even one of us can't make it - it can mean no raid that evening. No pressure or anything... ;-)