Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Blog roll fun

I was just in the middle of updating my blog roll when I feel in love with Automagica's blog roll set-up. Not only does it space the names out and put little icons in front of those blogs that have one - it also gives the title of the latest post AND it tells you how long ago that post was made.

How awesome is that!!

I then realised that it is a new feature available on Blogger, so off I went to include it on my very own little page. I wasn't particularly looking forward to the inputting of all the blogs into the little widget, but was very excited about how lovely it would look once it was done.

So I added the widget and opened it up - and it asked me very politely if I would like to import any of my Google Reader blogs? Well - doh! So I could just go tick, tick, tick on all the blogs I subscribe to and whammo they were on my fabulous new blog widget.

This is so exciting! Makes me almost feel like a proper blogger... :-)


Cynra said...

I'd wondered how that was done when I started seeing that particular widget pop up all over the place. Very very spiffy!

Larísa said...

Hi there! Yes, isn't it beautiful! I use it to see when my fave blogs are updated (don't subscribe through feeds myself).

Thanks for linking to me! I see you've got a slight problem: recent posts don't show up.

To make the link to my blog you must use my feedburner address, just the blog adress wont work, it's got something to do with Blogger-Feedburner compability, don't ask me.
So the address to link to is:

Tufva said...

Well spotted! I've entered the feed address manually so it seems to be picking up the latest post now - fingers crossed it will keep working... :-)