Thursday, 12 June 2008

Goodnight sweet Prince

And Prince is down!! On Tuesday night we had our first Prince kill - it was such a buzz. Now I know that for most guilds Kara is very old news, but for us this is huge.

First week of December 2007 was when we first set foot in Kara. We had a grand total of 10 raiders, all freshly attuned with gear so new it squeaked when we moved. Our guild never raided pre-TBC and never even had organised runs until a group of us decided that we wanted to try Kara and set up regular runs for gear and attunement.

Since that first visit we've had some downs. Half the original core group left for raiding guilds or retired from the game. We have still not been able to get a second raid night off the ground. But we've had ups as well. We've found some fab new raiders and we've managed to improve enough to fit more and more into our 3 hours of raiding per week.

First it seemed that we'd never be able to have time for proper tries on Curator, then that we'd never have time to get beyond him. Now I think it is safe to say that we have everything up to and including Curator on farm. We've downed Illhoof on all evenings we've tried, except for once. Aran unfortunately still eludes us, we've only tried him a couple of times, and then never with great success.

On Tuesday we went straight from Curator to Chess as we were running out of time (we had a couple of early wipes due to carelessness). When we finished Chess someone suggested giving Prince a try as he is so close after Chess. There was a unanimous decision to extend the raid time to give it a go. Everyone was super-excited to try something completely new. With good use of soulstones and self-rez we didn't have to worry about respawns and had two very good tries. Third time it all came together and Prince went down. I was so proud of everyone!!

Oh, and did I mention that I got my grubby little hands on Light's Justice? Yay! Though admittedly I only got it as the other healer who out-rolled me, graciously allowed me to have it as he had got Shard of the Virtuous the week before.

I'm now officially Kara-ed out loot-wise, not sure whether to be happy or sad about that.


Cynra said...

Congratulations! As someone who used to manage a small guild, I know the pains of turnover for Karazhan. And, blast it, you got the mace? I ran the damned instance for a year (continuing to go back for badges later) and never saw it drop!

Once this becomes a regular occurence, do you plan on moving into 25-man content? And, if so, what problems do you foresee?

Tufva said...

Thank you - on both counts! I was very lucky though that the other healer was feeling generous as he did actually win the roll. :-)

We currently have no plans on moving to 25-man content. We've still got quite a bit of work to do on Kara. Illhoof and Prince have been downed, but we need to practice them to get them on farm. Aran needs to be taken down. Netherspite and Nightbane has never even been attempted.

So even once we get a 2nd night established we have quite a bit of work to do to get the whole instance onto farm status. But I must say I'm starting to feel confident that one day we might just do it! :-)

I don't think we'll ever be big enough to be able to field a 25-man, but once we have Kara on farm we might go looking for another small guild to form an alliance. Then again by that point the expansion might be just around the corner... :-)