Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Me - the huntard

I never did groups with my original main. Groups seemed like a scary place to be where you might get yelled at if you did something wrong. I found it much nicer to skip instances and level peacefully on my own. Admittedly, my view might have been skewed by levelling while in the same room where my husband was trying to PuG his way through the then top-level instances. I think all the muttering about the lack of ability of group members made me nervous of ending up being one of those clueless people that turns the instance into a wipe-fest. And since I reached 60 just days before the expansion, I could go on merrily soloing my way to 70.

Trap, what trap?
One day when I was maybe 65+ a guildie was trying to get a group together to do Blood Furnace with his healing alt and asked if I could come along as DPS. I explained that I didn't know anything about this instancing thing, but would come if he couldn't find anyone else. In the end the group was mostly much higher level than needed for Blood Furnace, so I was assured "it would be fine". So off we went and then the group leader says "and Yrsa you trap the blue square". My reply was a very panicked "huh?". Once my guildies stopped laughing at me for managing to get my hunter to 65+ with no clue about trapping, they kindly explained the procedure to me.

Learning experience
I managed to get through that instance ok in the end, but it does show how much there is to learn about the game and your class which you have to figure out without a guiding hand from Blizzard, particularly when it comes to group play. There are skills that you might think of as useless when you level up which suddenly becomes amazing once you start doing instances. All of a sudden it's not just kill, kill, kill - you have to think about tactics and performing a role. It is easy to dismiss people lacking knowledge as noobs, it takes more effort to give them a friendly pat on the shoulder and point them to places of learning. My priest would probably be a priestard if not for some good and timely advice from a fellow healer which lead me onto the path of theorycrafting.

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Cynra said...

I am ridiculously familiar with the priestly class, but I was always a bit hesitant with my huntress. I rolled her to try something new and while I ruled the Battlegrounds pre-expansion with an iron fist and guarded flags with my life, I had only instanced rarely with my girl. Furthermore, I found it extremely difficult to get into instances as a hunter, especially when people learned that I had a geared healing priest or two in the wings.

As a result, three years later I'm still feel like a huntard while playing my hunter. I love trapping, I know the class, I theorycraft, min/max, have a blast, and out-performed better players, but I always feel like I'm not as confident as I would be on the priest. It's part of the reason why I avoid instancing with her while I'll jump into any instance with my priests.