Friday, 29 August 2008

4 cheers for Arthas!

10-man raid progression
As a small guild that enjoy a spot of raiding, this is like Oreo cookie milkshake served in the Holy Grail. Sure, the fights will likely not be as complex or interesting as the 25-man versions, but the prospect of having more than one raid instance to explore once we hit the level cap never fails to put a big smile on my face. For small guilds this is probably the most amazing gift Blizzard could have come up with, now we get the enjoyment of being able to progress without having to artificially grow to fit the 25-man format. The two separate progression paths also benefits the 25-man raiding guilds as they will not have to go through a 10-man stage before getting back to the business of 25-mans. Win – win all around.

Levelling from 70-80
New content = fun. I mean, really great fun. There will be so many new things to see and do, it'll be like re-discovering the game. This time around we have so many level capped players around that as a guild we'll be able to get together for questing and instancing along the way. Not boosting, but playing through the content together at the right level. This will be something to savour for those of us who missed out on this kind of experience before. (I suffered from instance-phobia until well into my 60s, don't ask why I rolled a holy priest.)
Did I mention the new content? *happy sigh*

Death Knights
Now, I don't actually want to play a Death Knight, but I have to admit to a strong urge to roll a pink-haired gnome DK named Tinkerbell. Seriously though, I’ve read that the DK start area sets up the story for Wrath and it is also supposed to be quite amazing and different. So I'm very much looking forward to playing a DK for a few levels and experiencing it. Though after that Tinks will most likely join my level 70 hunter on indefinite leave in the green fields of Nagrand.

This just makes so much sense. The less specialised an item is the more people can use it. Of course it will mean that there will be more people contending for the same item, but at least it should see less items sharded because no one in the group/raid can use it. In a raid context I cannot imagine anything more disheartening than raiding week after week without getting a usable drop but seeing other items sharded left, right and centre. I’m sure it will take a bit of getting used to, but with the new talents and other changes – it’ll be a bit like learning to play your character all over again anyway.

Everyone now – For he’s a jolly good fellow...

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